Advertising Details

Inquiries: Sharleen Tattersfield, Advertising Manager, at or 613-749-9922

Publication Dates: The first week of September, November, January, March and May

Circulation: 5,000 copies are distributed free-of-charge to residents of Manor Park including Manor Park East, Manor Park Hill, Cardinal Glen and The Highlands, Oasis Private, Hillside and Le Parc condo developments. Copies also available at businesses on local main streets in Manor Park, Beechwood Village, New Edinburgh, and Montreal Road as well as schools, community centres, libraries and churches. The Chronicle is available online in PDF format at

Ad Bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis with priority given to local businesses. There is no preferred positioning. We do not accept inserts or flyers. Reserve your space well in advance of the ad submission deadline date.

Ad Submission Deadlines: August 20 (SEPTEMBER issue); October 20 (NOVEMBER issue); December 20
(JANUARY issue); February 20 (MARCH issue) and April 20 (MAY issue). Earlier deadlines apply for ads requiring Chronicle graphic services. Please confirm in advance with the ad manager.

Ad Dimensions & Rates (excluding HST): see chart below (in inches – width x height) for both B&W and colour single insertions and 5-issue insertion subscriptions based on electronic artwork supplied as press-ready PDF files.

B & W Colour
Size Single 5-Issues Single 5-Issues
2″ x 6″ $62 $279 $90 $405
4″ x 2″ $44 $198 $63 $284
4″ x 3″ $62 $279 $90 $405
4″ x 4″ $79 $356 $114 $513
4″ x 5″ $94 $423 $136 $612
4″ x 6″ $114 $513 $166 $747
4″ x 7″ $134 $603 $195 $878
6″ x 3″ $88 $396 $128 $576
6″ x 4″ $114 $513 $166 $747
6″ x 5″ $138 $621 $199 $896
6″ x 6″ $161 $725 $233 $1,049


B & W Colour
Banner Size Single 5-Issues Single 5-Issues
10″ x 3″ $142 $639 $206 $927
10″ x 4″ $189 $851 $273 $1,229
10″ x 5″ $210 $945 $304 $1,368

B & W Colour
Full-Page Ads Single 5-Issues Single 5-Issues
10″ x 13.5″ $462 $2,079 $670 $3,015

B & W Colour
Half-Page Ads Single 5-Issues Single 5-Issues
10″ x 6″ $231 $1,040 $335 $1,508

Discount: less 10% for 5-issue insertion subscriptions prepaid (before the 2nd issue).

Payment Terms:  Pre-payment by Interac e-transfer or by cheque is requested for first-time advertisers. Otherwise, payment is expected within 30 days of invoice date. We do not accept credit card payments.
The Chronicle HST Registration # is 752565721RT0001.
Ad Format: Ads must be supplied electronically as high-resolution (300 DPI), print-ready PDF files with all fonts embedded. Ensure black text is 100% black (no CMY) and that colour ads have CMYK (not RGB) values and are rendered in PDFX-1a file format. Print quality of ads not meeting these standards cannot be guaranteed.

Graphic Format: Material (logos, pictures, text) for ads requiring graphic design/reformatting services must be received 10 days in advance of ad submission deadlines. Graphic services, discussed in advance and following client ad proof approvals, are billed at $35 per hour.

Advertising Policy: Advertising is subject to Chronicle approval. The Chronicle will not knowingly publish advertisements which are illegal, misleading or offensive. Advertisers assume all responsibility for any claim, suit or resulting liability whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly from the content of an ad and shall indemnify and save harmless the Chronicle for any losses or costs incurred by the Chronicle in relation thereto. The Chronicle assumes no liability for loss or damage of any kind caused directly or indirectly in relation to any error in accuracy in the printing of an advertisement built by the Chronicle, beyond the amount charged for advertising space in which the error occurred.

Updated: June 2020