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Different cities, regions and countries manage their dog waste in their own ways. Some install dedicated bins for dog feces so that it can disposed of in a way that doesn’t damage the environment or end up in a landfill. The City of Ottawa dictates that dog owners dispose of their beloved companion’s waste “on his or premises” (i.e., flush it down the toilet where it will be treated by the sewage plant). However, few seem to follow this bylaw. Photo: Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

If it’s brown, flush it down

Diana Poitras, St. Columba parish administrator, is among many who want to see pet waste bylaws applied with more rigour–or for other solutions to be explored

I love animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, gerbils, hamsters – you name it. I appreciate the comfort, joy… Continue reading “If it’s brown, flush it down”

Marc Patry argues that the City of Ottawa's new vacant unit tax (VUT) is creating an unnecessary burden on taxpayers while it may also fail to capture vacant units while producing an unintentional "windfall" from residents who miss the filing deadline. Photo: Vitali Adutskevich Pexels

The city’s vacant unit tax is a needless burden for taxpayers

Marc Patry argues that there isn't enough transparency over how vacant properites will be rooted out and the number of new units that will be created for the housing market

Many of us will have received a letter from the City of Ottawa over the past few months. Over three… Continue reading “The city’s vacant unit tax is a needless burden for taxpayers”

This photo of Joanne Curran as a child on the rink in Manor Park was taken in 1956, likely by her husband Jacques Robichon. Both are the parents of resident Meaghan Sullivan, who submitted the photo the Chronicle. Houses along Eastbourne Ave. are visible in the background. Photo submitted by Meaghan Sullivan

Letters to the editor, March-April 2023

1950s flashback Manor Park resident, and Chronicle reader, Meaghan Sullivan sent us this photo of her mom, Joanne Curran, which… Continue reading “Letters to the editor, March-April 2023”

Urban densification will address problems of ‘housing crisis’

Being able to work, play, have a coffee or a meal and do your shopping within walking distance of your… Continue reading “Urban densification will address problems of ‘housing crisis’”

Editor’s POV

Stronger mayor, weaker city? A common complaint among some city-watchers during the last term of council was Ottawa Mayor Jim… Continue reading “Editor’s POV”

A framework for farmers’ markets is needed to foster neighbourhood growth

Although the differences between farmers’ markets and music festivals are many, markets are seen in the eyes of the city as a one-off event, much like RBC Bluesfest, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend or the Canadian Tulip Festival. As such, we are charged in the same way.