Community hot topics

Manor Park Community Association (MPCA) President Natalie Belovic sums up city issues affecting the community

By Manor Park Chronicle

Transit is always a hot topic. It's sure to continue to be as OC Transpo faces rising costs, rail troubles and declining ridership. Photo: Wes Smiderle
Transit is always a hot topic. It's sure to continue to be as OC Transpo faces rising costs, rail troubles and declining ridership. Photo: Wes Smiderle

Hello friends and neighbours. The year 2023 is winding down and snow is certainly soon to arrive. It’s gloomy today in Ottawa and not just because of the weather! What’s going on?

Sixth crossing

While it’s not at the top of most people’s radar, the idea of a new bridge link in the region designed primarily for cars to cross is still an important issue that we are following and active on as per our recent letter to the Minister Of Environment. (Editor’s note: Click here to read the MPCA’s open letter.)

Manor Park Estates redevelopment

The Community Benefits Agreement Working Group continues to work together bringing neighbours and professionals together to influence the developer to create an amazing community. This is a very long-term project but there is a group of engaged citizens diligently working away to makes the redevelopment the best it can be.

City of Ottawa budget consultations

As an association but also as individual citizens, we can let our voices be heard by our elected decision-makers as to what to prioritize in the coming municipal budget. As you know, Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe started the process by capping any increase at 2.5 percent which, frankly, doesn’t make much sense since just the rate of inflation has driven up the cost of everything. In order to keep the desired cap on the increase, services and priorities would get cut. What are your priorities? If you are a homeowner, would you be willing to pay more than a 2.5 percent increase in order to maintain and enhance some services? Please take time to write to your city councillor and the mayor to express your opinions. If we don’t speak up, they assume they are on the right track.


I heard this not long ago and it really resonated with me. Why is it that we accept the cost of building and maintaining roads as an absolute “must do” but when we build a transit system, we expect it to run at a profit? If we treated our transit system like infrastructure, I think we would end up with a more robust system that citizens would actually want to take and be able to take because it was reliable. Not everyone can afford to own and drive a car and from a climate perspective, we all need to take less car trips . . . Do you support more money being spent on improving our transit system?


Not in our neighbourhood but they are your tax dollars. Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Rawlson King has clearly come out against Lansdowne 2.0 but the mayor and many councillors still want to throw our money away on this project. In a world where the city can’t fix my potholes but can support a private business venture, I really feel there is a disconnect. We will be submitting our thoughts on this project to the city councillors.


So much brouhaha here! I think it’s a great thing that the province reversed it Greenbelt opening decision. All levels of government are pushing for intensification and we are all vulnerable to it. The trick is to try and guide it to be the best and most compatible it can be. Through the Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa, we have been collaborating on sending these messages to the City Planners and decision makers.


The MPCA board and committee members are tired and stretched thin. We would appreciate some new blood! No experience required, just enthusiasm and a few hours per week. Connect with me at if you are willing to explore taking on a role with the association.

Wishing you all peace and good health in the year to come. With sincerest thanks to the Board and their committees for their dedication and devotion to our community making Manor Park the place it is.