Dogs in the ‘Hood for January-February 2023

By Manor Park Chronicle

Dogs in the hood feature image - cartoon of 4 dogs on a patch of grass.

This is the Manor Park Chronicle’s round-up of neighbourhood pooches.

The Chronicle would love to feature your dog in our Dogs in the ’Hood column.

Send digital photos (high resolution please) and a brief introduction to We look forward to including your pooch in a future issue!

In this edition, meet:

Loki, Louie, Oyster and Rhubarb!


Hi! I’m Loki, a three-legged rescue from Armenia, recently adopted by a New Edinburgh couple, who mostly walk me in Stanley Park. Occasionally, we go to Pine Hill or the Rockcliffe dog park. I’ve heard that there’s another ‘tripawd’ with a passing resemblance to myself who frequents those places. If you’re that special dog and would like to arrange a meet-and-greet, have your humans email mine at


Louie, our two-year-old, friendly and energetic black-tri–Aussie shepherd, often thinks he’s a mountain goat. He loves being outdoors and likes to climb everywhere! At other times, he thinks that he is a cat and really enjoys playing with our cat’s toys. Louie’s a gentle, fun-loving guy, but don’t mess with his human friends – he just might nip you – in loyal Aussie style.


Oyster has been a grumpy old man from birth, and now that he’s 12, it’s worse. He creates rules for himself, and his arthritis makes life even harder for him. He cannot eat “Chews”, but still wants them, so starts drama with Rhubarb (his housemate). He’s impatient and whistles at his humans when they are too slow. Ultimately, he is a cuddle bug – loves adventures, canoe trips, and naps.


Rhubarb is a living teddy bear, but for reasons unknown, he is unable to share a bed or couch with Oyster. Rhubarb has far too much energy and thinks he is dangerous, but he is also convinced that he is small and is scared of the cat. He cannot break routines, though is a being of pure chaos. He loves running, small mammals, and his stuffed rabbit.