Manor Park Public School marks the return of Beauty and the Beast musical

By Manor Park Chronicle

Manor Park Public School students Hazel Rank and Oliver Brinkman is are part of the tech crew for the school's 2023 musical production of the Beauty and the Beast. Photo supplied by Manor Park Public School
Hazel Rank and Oliver Brinkmann are part of the tech crew for Manor Park Public School's 2023 production of the musical Beauty and the Beast. Photo supplied by Manor Park Public School.

Did you know people say “break a leg” not only because it wishes people good luck but also because the people who work on the play are called a cast? Well Manor Park is about to break many!

Beauty and the Beast is a classical story that, through an action-packed and dramatic plot, teaches the viewer the valuable lesson that true beauty is found within. Staff decided to create a school production that would provide students some real-world theatrical experience, and to showcase our extraordinary Manor Park Public School talent.

Preparations for the musical began in the winter, and students, teachers, and even members of the community (such as parents) volunteered their free time to paint sets at recess and rehearse scenes during lunch breaks and weekends.

Students have also volunteered for the “tech crew”, which involves operating the sound and lights for the show, as well as taking care of all the behind the scenes action.

A big thanks to all the staff, students, and parents who put in the time to make the play happen.

Beauty and the Beast will run for two days, Thursday April 27 and Friday April 28 in the Manor Park Public School gym. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the play will start at 6:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss it!

This article was written by Hazel Rank, who is part of the tech crew, and Oliver Brinkmann, tech lead.

Students from all grades are involved in the Manor Park Public School production of Beauty and the Beast. The primary grade choir sings along with certain songs while students from grades four, five and six have acting, singing, costume design and other backstage role