Meet Kielbasa “Boss” H. Barksdale, Poppy, Harvey and Ollie

By Manor Park Chronicle

Dogs in the hood feature image - cartoon of 4 dogs on a patch of grass.

This is the Manor Park Chronicle’s round-up of neighbourhood pooches.

The Chronicle would love to feature your dog in our Dogs in the ’Hood column. Send digital photos (high resolution please) and a brief introduction to We look forward to including your pooch in a future issue!

In this edition, meet:

Kielbasa “Boss” H. Barksdale, Poppy, Harvey and Ollie!

Kielbasa “Boss” H. Barksdale

As a young dachshund, Boss explored St. Agathe’s lush hillsides, before relocating to New Edinburgh where he rumbles with the fearsome canines in Stanley Park, enjoys a fine craft ale on the Clocktower patio, and stops just long enough for local denizens to proclaim him the “good-est” boy, his tail wagging in agreement. He’s working on curbing his barking when startled, and for that, he extends his most sincere puppy-dog eyes.


Poppy Marilla Scrimshaw (AKA Pop Tart) is a year-old golden retriever who enjoys terrorizing her older sister Sunshine and has a knack for finding trouble to get into. This mischievous toy-assassin can often be found getting up to shenanigans at the Rockcliffe and Pine Hill dog parks. She loves all humans, dogs and would love a pet should you see her in the neighbourhood.


Well hello Manor Park! I’m Harvey an Australian Labradoodle and I am 5 months old. I have met so many new friends in The Park and look forward to my nightly romp in Tony Vincent Park. I’m not a big fan of on leash walks so I usually end up being carried home. Actually, I just have a hard time leaving a good party. See you on the streets.


Meet Ollie – half pug, half neighbour’s dog (chihuahua/Pekinese). Due to selective socialization, Ollie’s become a snob, exclusively enjoying the rollicking, wrestling and company of larger dogs. With a pug’s traits of stubbornness and hunger, he’ll eat anything, anywhere – except sometimes his own kibble. A good faithful fellow, Ollie’s loyalty knows only one boundary – his own vast curiosity and self-interest. Once that’s overcome, his heart is all mine!