The Adventures of Amy and Lola

By Ayden King Muraleetharan

By Manor Park Chronicle

Lola is one of two Airedale terriers who inspired nine-year-old Ayden King Muraleetharan to write a story about an adventuresome canine duo. Photo supplied
Lola is one of two Airedale terriers who inspired nine-year-old Ayden King Muraleetharan to write a story about an adventuresome canine duo. Photo supplied

[Editor’s note: Nine year-old Ayden King Muraleetharan recounts this short story of a dynamic dog duo visiting England.]

A short story of a dynamic dog duo

Amy woke up in her bed gasping for air. She’d just had a nightmare about her favourite food, peanut butter, chasing her. Amy nudged Lola repeatedly with her tan snout. After 16 nudges, Lola finally woke up, shaking her head and making her ears flop. Amy ordered her to hurry up, because they had to have breakfast, then catch their flight to England on Pet Airlines.

But first, they climbed onto the couch for a game of peanut butter ball paw (a dog version of rock paper scissors) to see who would open their secret base.

“I win,” Lola cheered whilst entering the secret combination on the TV remote.

The TV moved upwards, to reveal an entrance to a wide, dimly lit room filled with peanut butter stashes everywhere.

Amy yelped as their loyal ball-shaped companion drove towards them beeping with happiness. Lola bounded to her favourite chair. It was very cozy and was decorated with crescent, red, and full moons. Amy immediately ran to her beloved hot peanut butter machine. She poured a bowl for herself and Lola and they began to eat.

Arriving at the airport

After a hearty breakfast, Amy and Lola grabbed their bags and jumped on the roof of an airport taxi, activating their sticky butt plungers.

“Wow!” Amy exclaimed on arriving at the airport “this place is so big!”

People giggled as Amy and Lola trotted by on the way to the Pet Lounge.

“Why are they laughing at us?” Lola asked.

“Because we are carrying backpacks,” Amy answered, “You don’t see dogs with backpacks roaming around every day.”

After sharing a laugh, Amy and Lola continued walking to the lounge.

Once inside, they relaxed, watching their favorite show, Pup Stars, on the big-screen TV. Lola turned her head to watch a grumpy dog dropping a coin into a slot in his chair. In seconds his face was calm and relaxed, and Lola daydreamed she was relieving all her travel stress in such a comfy-looking seat.

“Attention all passengers!” an announcement echoed through the lounge, “Flight 49 to England is now boarding!”

Amy barked to Lola that they had to go. She gave Lola a hard tug.

“Can we go now?” asked Amy.

“Sure!” cried Lola, cutting to the chase as if she’d spotted a squirrel.

She followed Amy all the way to the back door, where they found a secret gate to a private jet.

The dogs stepped inside.

“Is this even our jet?” questioned Lola.

“Of course, it is silly! We are top agents after all!” Amy answered.

“Good point,” Lola calmly replied.

Her eyes darted all around like a cat looking for tuna. Lola wanted to try everything, but she narrowed it down to three choices: watching a movie, playing in the ball pit, and eating some peanut butter-filled popcorn.


After landing in London and a 45-minute walk, Amy and Lola arrived at the local secret pet agency called Pets Protecting Humankind (PPHK). Being top agents, Amy and Lola got all the perks, including high quality dog biscuits, peanut butter balls, and soft, delicate mattresses.

Lola fell into bed with a cheerful look on her face. Lola loved beds more than anything! Amy, however, always had a complaint. Surprisingly, she said nothing ; instead she let the mattress engulf her.

In the morning the pups were excited for adventure in jolly old England. They weren’t quite ready for the city because they still hadn’t had breakfast. After guzzling down omelets and orange juice they were ready to go.

At the local bus stop Lola was shocked! In the distance a big vehicle was coming. It was red and had seats on its roof. Lola leaped behind Amy, growling at the strange vehicle.

“Relax Lola,” whispered Amy in a gentle voice. She explained to Lola that it was called a double decker bus.

As Amy finished explaining the giant vehicle pulled up right in front of them. The girls boarded the double decker bus and Amy followed Lola up to the top, eager to get to their first place to visit , Big Ben.

When they padded out of the bus in front of Big Ben, Amy was speechless. Lola gazed with awe at the giant clock. Lola took tons of photos of the stunning clock tower while Amy checked her watch.

“It’s two-thirty; we have just enough time to see the famous Stonehenge,” commented Amy. This time they took a taxi, but not any normal taxi. This was a PPHK taxi with the world’s best massage chair, shaped like a dog bed!


Stonehenge was even more amazing than Big Ben. The girls’ mouths dropped open as if they were British bulldogs. Lola was astounded that thousands of people had moved the stones miles and miles to put them right there. She glanced at Amy who was still as a statue admiring the amazing stones. Amy never thought she could be so astonished by some rocks.

They both stood motionless for five minutes.

Amy checked her watch. “Follow me,” she said and waved a paw to Lola. Lola followed and watched Amy touch the largest stone whilst barking loudly. Suddenly the stone fell over! Amy and Lola saw a row of torches, lining a staircase that looked never-ending. They leaped from stair to stair as the giant rock stood back up above them.

At the bottom of the stairs was a huge chamber where their private jet was ready to take them home.

After their in-flight movie ended, they heard an announcement.

“We are now over your destination,” the intercom boomed. The girls headed to the door of the plane where a shaggy Corgi gave them parachutes. “This is fun!” Amy cheered as the pups jumped, activated the parachutes, and drifted into their secret base. They threw off their parachutes and pounced downstairs to find their owners cooking bacon for breakfast.

Just what they needed after another exciting adventure!

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Ayden King Muraleetharan stands with his muses, Amy and Lola, two Airedale terriers. Photo supplied