Blasdell Bridge naming rights gifted to community

By Manor Park Chronicle

After installing a new pedestrian bridge at the end of Blasdell Ave., the NCC is inviting members of the community to submit names.
After installing a new pedestrian bridge at the end of Blasdell Ave., the NCC is inviting members of the community to submit names. Photo: Doug Banks

There is a new pedestrian bridge now ready for walkers, cyclists, runners, and (all too soon) cross-country skiers.
So how did it happen that the National Capital Commission (NCC) was so quickly able to design, fund and build a replacement for something that didn’t even exist on a map?
The pedestrian bridge is a gift to the community from a local anonymous donor. And, to really make it ours permanently, the donor is also gifting the naming rights to the community.
The MPCC will lead the community in the naming process, following the guidelines of the National Capital Commission (NCC).
All are invited to participate in the process!

Participate by submitting to

Criteria for naming bridge

  1. We will follow the NCC toponymy policy (i.e., the rationale for naming geographical features) , including submitting names for a final decision by the NCC. (See
    • Residents will be invited to submit proposed names
    • Historical / Patrimonial naming: name of a place, event or cultural identity that signify the National Capital Region for Canada
      Honorific Naming: name of a person or group of persons who have made a substantial contribution to the communities of the National Capital Region or of Canada
    • Indigenous naming: name that is meaningful, traditional or new, which is significant for an Indigenous group and establishes a connection with a place
    • Natural / landscape features naming: name of a natural geographic or topographical feature that is significant for the National Capital Region of Canada
  2. A proposed name shall not:
    • Serve as advertising
    • Be discriminatory or derogatory
    • Result in inappropriate abbreviations or acronyms
    • Be phonetically similar to another name in the National Capital Region
    • Detract from the character or integrity of the asset or interfere with its use
    • Place the NCC in conflict in terms of acquisition or management of the property
  3. Residents may submit multiple names, but only a single name per submission form – which is available through, social media, and by mail upon request.
    • Name of individual(s) submitting name
    • Address, phone, email
    • Proposed name
    • Description of why this name should be selected (150 words).
    • Description of how you will use the pedestrian bridge. (150 words).
  4. A dedication to the new name will be part of a community ceremony. The person(s) responsible for submitting the successful name will be recognized.
  5. The name will be part of the permanent recognition plaque at the site.
    Also, the MPCC is seeking interested residents for a small committee to evaluate the name submissions and select the top contenders for the NCC decision. Are you a long-time resident of Manor Park? A frequent user of the Blasdell Bridge? Neighbour to the bridge? Historian? Indigenous person?
    Please send a one- page resume indicating:
    • Your name
    • Contact information (address, email, phone)
    • Reason why participating in the naming of this pedestrian bridge interests you.
    • All are invited to attend a “to be announced” future bridge naming ceremony, and we encourage the community to use the new bridge and post your pictures on our Facebook page!

This article was written by Manor Park Community Council staff.