MPCC Sports and fitness programming

By Josh Cassidy

Four skaters playing hockey on the Manor Park outdoor rink.
The Manor Park Outdoor Rink will be returning soon! Photo: Archives

November is truly one of my favourite months of the year! And not just because it’s my birthday month. The changing of the seasons makes it my favourite time of year. That, and because I am one of the crazy people who loves winter and all the fun outdoor opportunities it brings.

This November also marks my third year working with the Manor Park Community Council (MPCC). I remain ever grateful for all the wonderful people—colleagues, volunteers and participants—that I have met along the way!
It has been wonderful to see the Manor Park Community Centre re-open for in-person programming. It’s such a great spot, and it is so lonely without you! From the happy screams of playschool children to the brushstrokes of the painters, it’s these little sounds (and the people that make them) that make our office such a great place to work.

This winter is gearing up to be another great one! The Manor Park Outdoor Rink returns, along with a pleasure puddle rink on the west lawn of the community centre. With the backdrop of the twinkle lights overhead, this instant hit will be back! Our Pond Hockey League is back – and team registrations are open. 

Fitness – Teens and Adults

Join us for round two of MPCC Fall Fitness programs! Classes will remain outside for as long as possible. As the weather changes, classes will begin to move indoors. The MPCC has developed robust COVID-19 prevention measures, including mandatory vaccines for all participants and staff. We want to keep you safe–and active!

Manor Park Outdoor Rink